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First of all, I don't know who even thought that millenials don't use email. I am a borderline millenial and use a LOT of email. But anyways, personal opinions aside, someone actually carried out a study on how much millenials really use email and the results were surprising:

Do you think that there is a perception that millenials don't use email as much as other people? In that sense, is it a less-tapped market?
Millenials use email much more than common perception. Most have not completed schooling and therefore not in the direct income bracket. And sending emails is dirt cheap done from a mobile phone which is their gadget of choice. They use email to subscribe to websites looking for opportunities and entertainment. On the flip side, it offers relative anonymity for the clandestine minded.
I think this is right considering I check emails 8-30 times a day and I work online professionally, even moderate internet use would constitute checking the inbox 3-5 times a week and that's enough to get covert advertising impressions through the form of emails :) Everybody loves new cool mail!
Millennials use email alot. They also use social media sites which require am email address to sign up. This applies to other sites. The importance of email notifications can't be gainsaid and they hit the inbox button for updates.
Huh, I don't understand why people would assume millennials don't use email as much as others. I think even at their time, computers are technically in use. Yeah, it wasn't the advanced ones but these computers usually have email already. I guess it might be the notion that millennials usually check on social media more than their emails? Because really, I cannot think of any other reason why we would assume that millennials don't use as much email.

Email is more than just a messaging tool. It has become an all-in-one tool, for registering to sites, even companies ask for email addresses to communicate with people. So people of all ages certainly use email, that's the reality.
Glad that everyone agrees about the amount of mails that millenials use. Anyways, its a nice insight for anyone looking to tap into that market considering that a majority of the world we live in right now is aged 35 or less, with 65% of that group aged 21 or less.

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