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I just checked out a really old Youtube account that I had (maybe 4 years old). I had put up a couple of tutorials on that channel. A few videos have like 20k views and a ton of likes and comments. I tried watching the videos and I couldn't. The quality is terrible, but people still prefer watching content than reading it. So go figure. Video trumps everything.
I think videos are for the visually oriented. Most people assume that the nitty gritty is between the lines and hit the video button as an afterthought. Personally, I tend to digest the information before thinking of the videos. There might be issues with originality since some are just uploaded from other sites. Others have poor resolution. I think the best strategy to optimise click through rates is to have them alongsidet the content. If the person is impressed, he or she will watch.
" Videos are the next best thing to being there in person" This phrase was carved out from that article. It hit me and make me understand that people wouldn't be too scared or have a trust issue so to say if they are actually seeing the person that is trying to sell them a product. I have heard many people say "I can't deal with some invisible guy I don't know from anywhere". Now, I've come to understand that videos help reduce that notion in the mind of many hence, establishing trust. And if trust is guaranteed I don't see much problem anymore. I could remember that personally, having read an article about a particular program or product I'll jumb to youtube to see if I can see a video on it. Videos are real market booster.

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