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By remnant
I recently decided to sign up for Yahoo mail, the oldest email service provider (ESP). I thought they had upgraded but was sorely disappointed. Opening the site took eons. When I clicked the submit button, a circular cursor kept rotating informing of that my inbox was being created. Anyone with recent experience with Yahoo?
By Spectrum
I can never get used to yahoo, i've since moved onto, it's so simple lol. Not so sure about any of the mainstream ones either.
By djmail
I had issues with a really old email address that I have. It basically has all the old "memories" from a time gone by - you know there are old mails, invitations, and what not. So, that account has a lot of nostalgic value. But, the fact is that Yahoo simply never caught up. And the fact that they never solved the problem of handling spam is testament to the fact that they were lethargic with their business. I don't use it now because every time I opened my mail, I found unfiltered spam clogging up the inbox.
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By Smackled
Yahoo is kind of falling behind, yeah. There's always a chance that they stick around or have a new revival/push, but think about how much money google has to throw at email and you'll see yahoo is pretty much beat.
By djmail
At this point, I think yahoo needs to actually rework on its strategy and may be focus more on business email. But, even there gmail is far ahead.

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