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By remnant
Email marketing has a bright future. There is evolution of new trends like gathering of business intelligence (BI) for trendspotting and analytics through primary data visualization. Fancy email marketing tools like Mailchimp Snap are being developed. Increased use of marketing automation tools means quality content.
By djmail
Hehe... no problem. I am glad I could help.

Although, its something that has always been the case. That's why niches do so well.

People tend to love competing but the smartest people in the world really don't compete. I ran into this quote yesterday that said,
If you find yourself in a fair fight, your tactics suck.
And that quote is something that I really love because it resonates with what I said earlier. The only way to win is to find a position of advantage, find a sparsely populated market segment and dominate it.

That way, when someone tries to compete with you, you'll win simply because it's not going to be a fair fight. You'll have the advantage of position and a near monopoly on that segment.

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