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By insecurephotomatters
Woah, woah. Nobody is out here to steal your email information and most of the time it's for verification purposes. I don't know why it wasn't a second thought for you to get a separate down-and-dirty email for that kind of stuff anyway. So many apps require email verification simply because of the misfortunes that occur when they don't have them. Without email verification, sites are open for abuse.
I understand about email verification and I don't find any problem with it. The problem is those apps that have access to your email. That is why I used I used True-caller as an example, because they can actually access your email contact list and transfer it their platform. I know that you give them permission but do you get it that if you are a high profile security government agent you are not allowed to give access to such apps to your email. Because, it is is very easy for them to steal to your information. Heck! Such apps even know your most frequent email contact and you think you information is secure. Nobody else has access to your emails except you just because you put on a password? It is not like I am hiding illegal information or anything but shouldn't emails be 100% percent private?
Giving them your email doesn't mean they "get access" to it. The most harm they can do is add you to a candid email list and that isn't even that bad of a phenomenon. Your email is safe as long as you have good authentication set up.
By djmail
Absolutely, simply add a 2-step verification process or something to your list.

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