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By djmail
I can't say that this questions hasn't been asked before someplace else.

But, IMO, aweber, mailchimp, etc are the best ESPs out there. Although, a lot of other great services exist out there.

Here is a long list of ESPs just in case you're wondering about trying out a few of them: ... ider-list/
By remnant
I think it depends on user experience. Most people would zero in on those email service providers that have been around for quite some time like Mailchimp. Therefore, they won't step out of their comfort zones to try their strengths and weaknesses and compare them with newer but smaller versions. In my opinion, Google has a new email marketing service which is free. Judging by their tech savvy and professional touch as well as experience in their operations they can easily lead the pack.
By djmail
Oh yeah. Google is stepping on everyone's toes. And they're providing a lot of functionality too.
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By Smackled
I think google is definitely the future - mail marketing has so many flaws, and having a professional, high-dollar industry leader could be bad or good. That said, it's probably going to get much more expensive...but hey, that's the price of quality I guess.
By djmail
I think Google is going to turn marketing on its head somehow. I don't know how, but I know its going to happen. They own youtube, the biggest source of videos online. They own hangouts, which is still a crappy product, but it may improve with time. And they own blogger, which is the second or third best free blogging platform out there. If they combine all of these with a good CMS and there keyword/webmaster product-line, I think they're going to knock everyone out of the park.
By emuzeskylow
Google is even becoming more of a preference with their brands to different individuals compared to others. Google's plan is to take over everything that has to do with internet, Lol. With launching of their various products they aint in no way slowing down at all. I am still a newbie on internet related issues but from the little ones I have come to understand so far, Google are actually googling every sector of the internet. Right my wrong, please?

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