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I kind of prefer going through the route of -not- having links in most of my emails and letting people always have a steady feed of free stuff coming to their email. My current plan is to unlist the YT videos and give it to my list a few days ahead of time, never really pitching until they're a bit more comfortable with clicking my links.
I like that sort of an approach too. I think plugging in every 10 or so messages is a better way to do things because people don't feel you're being too pushy with those messages. Plus, it helps build trust.

I can't believe how many awesome guys just fell off my radar after they started sending me 5 mails a day all trying to sell the same thing. I'm all for selling hard, but that was too much.

Anyways, this is also something that I saw online on an Eben pagan webinar. He recommended sending a plug every 5-10 emails. Then I found this Ramit Sethi thing too, where he did the same thing. So, I guess its something that is considered better and since these guys obviously have had more success then me, I would like to follow what they said, although not blindly.

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