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That's a good point. There are a handful of affiliate offers that fit any given niche. When the list gets shared with multiple marketers, you wind up with a "first-come, first-serve" situation. The likelihood of spam complaints goes through the roof, unless you've got some unique internal offers. Great share!
I have received the same email sales page from several different people pushing the same product. There is relationship being made just pushing a product.

I am removing myself from more and more list now that so I am getting marketed to on the same product by so many people.
Thanks Pat for your observation. These identical emails are regarded as spam and have far less transaction rates than targeted emails. Another problem is that they are sent simultaneously across different time zones and therefore received in some areas at non-optimal times. Time segmentation is therefore essential.
It's very important to optimise, personalise and individualise your email to your contact list. You need to segregate them according to their:




Socioeconomic Level

Location or Country

Marital Status

This way, you can create emails that are specifically for the target readers. You can make each email different for each group. This way, the potential clients would find interest just by looking at your email subject.
Again, obtaining this kind of data on your subscribers is the best thing you can do. Whatever gets measured gets accomplished. If you know - i mean really know - who your subscribers are, what they look like, etc. you can actually create greater impact in a more personalized way.

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