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By djmail
Hilarious! This just made my day: I Shot The Sherrif!
One of my friends used to send them to a link locked with a survey with the following message: "Please find the MTCN number and other Western Union details in my cloud storage via the link below." I guess he made lots of money scamming scammers.
Wow! That's an amazing idea. Hmm.. and now, all I have to do is wait for the next scam mail from "the prince of nigeria" to try this method out. Thanks :)
While I laughed and probably got myself entertained by all the post. The truth of the matter is that firstly, Nigeria don't have a prince. Like every other nation he has a president, senators, governors and all. Except if that very individual is a prince to a particular king in a particular village. And prince in my country are doing just great, don't need to scam nobody for no money because that is no problem at all. The very person in this discussion, I believe, must be one of these Lowlives who think they are really intelligent enough to swindle anybody.
Well, I want to believe the said Nigerian prince must have learnt his lesson having made a fool out of himself. Crazy fellow. Lol
Lol, this made my day. Actually, this whole thread my day! Hahahaha. It actually made me realise that I need to lighten up with scammers. I'm usually annoyed by them and try to avoid them. Hmmm...I better start actually pranking them just to get even. It's weird though, I never really encountered Nigerian prince jokes before. It's only now that I read about them. It's so bad but yeah, the jokes here gave me a lot of laughs.:p

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