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By parker
I know you probably get this question all the time, but how do you make money with email marketing? I've been into affiliate marketing a little bit. I've tried loading lists into mailchimp/aweber/getresponse but i only get a few opens then nobody opens up any more emails. It's pissing me off, cause I know people ARE making a killing.

I'm getting my lists from list providers. They "claim" that the data is great, but I wonder. It seems like pure garbage. When the opt-in URL from the list provider says it came from a payday site and you send another payday loan, or just a confirmation from the original URL....and STILL no opens. Or they are all clicking SPAM.

What's the secret? How do you mail and make money? I'm not stupid about it, but I just can't seem to connect. What am I doing wrong?
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By matt
Here's the order of importance with email marketing.

#1) Data
#2) IPs
#3) Domain
#4) Creative

You can mail the worst creative and it will actually do well because the data is good. However, let's take a minute and talk about data. All the money that you are probably burning on ESPs could be used to build up your own data. Think about it, you are taking 3rd party data and trying to rinse it out and make it your own. Even if you get an opener/clicker 1 time, you can barely call it safe. For one, you have NO idea what it's doing in Gmail (there aren't any feedback loops). Also getting through the threshold of mailing on a cold domain will cause you to bang your head quite a few times. Those 3rd party lists are great if you are established and an absolute NIGHTMARE when you are just started out.

Here's what to do. Make a lander (use wix or something free). Find a royalty-free ebook in your niche and give it away. Run an ad on FB and watch the leads roll in. Optionally, you can go the SOLO route if you are in the MMO niche. But, starting with your own data will get you leaps and bounds further than 3rd party data. Trust me, I've spent more time trying to get (what the list-owners call) "The Best Data Ever" to work. I've burnt out /24s as well as ESPs. You can make a LOT of money on a responsive 1k-5k list.

Hang in there, we've all been there.

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